English for Life- a platform for taking the helm

‘English for Life’-though a plain fact, is to be sensed in a different way. There is no denying the fact that English is a ‘lingua franca’ or a common language for all the people of this universe. It is now the most spoken, widely written and immensely studied language of the world. So, it is now a global language for global people. On the other hand, English is not only the symbol of aristocracy, but a language for all that have aspirations and ambitions to rise and flourish. So, it is the master-key to the most ambitious people of the world. English is now considered not only the language of the world people, but a technology. In the present world context, technology is regarded as both power and beauty and English is the only key to this fantastic world of technology.

It cannot be denied that this global language is essential to take a developing country like ours to a great height. If we want to turn our dear motherland into a modern, progressive and well-established country, we cannot but equip ourselves with English. In a word, if we really love this beautiful country, we must acquire this language.

It is really a great news that a unique step to acquire this universal language through a year-long festive ‘English Language Competition’ based on SSC and HSC English syllabus under ‘English for Life’ program has been undertaken in Lohagara Upazilla, Chittagong. It is actually a different kind of competition and to the best of my knowledge, is the first of this kind in this region. Its methods, process and styles are totally different from other traditional competitions usually run by the schools, colleges and universities of Bangladesh or run by different TV channels in Bangladesh. This competition gives a new commitment, hopes and aspirations to all our students and teachers and guardians as well.

This unique competition is launched and brought to our dear students with a definite purpose and aim- the aim of providing our rural, back-warded students with an English environment through which they can master the four skills of English language and thus can have the command over the language slowly but surely.

‘English for Life’ has emerged as a movement to provide chances of advanced, effective and practical teaching to the poor, disadvantaged but gifted and talented students of our rural Bangladesh, most of whom are often deprived of quality education and are usually believed to be non-starter. (A non-starter is a person who has no chance of success). But here we are! We are trying hard to aim at redefining ‘success’ as an equation of talent and hard work, of which economic well-being is not necessarily a part. We therefore, don’t believe that poverty is a problem. We strongly believe that just like a battle-hardened soldier, poor but gifted and talented students don’t know defeat! If duly and properly cared, they could change the future of the entire nation.

To our judgment, rural Bangladesh is blessed with abundance of genius. In these back-warded but potential beautiful villages, we have both caliber and quality to defeat any competitors living in the so-called advanced, dazzling cities. And what we are trying to do here is to beat and bring out all sorts of latent talents and rural genius in order to develop it and make the best use of it for the well-being of the country and the nation. ‘English for Life’ is the stage meant for nourishing and developing that genius.

We therefore, are confident enough to say that this competition under ‘English for Life’ is sure to play the major role in determining the dexterity and excellence, achieving competence in all the four skills of English language, building up a competitive and challenging mentality for working hard and finally helping them to take the helm of the nation.

Md. Salah Uddin
Convener, English for Life &
Assistant Professor, Department of English
Alhaj Mostafizur Rahman University College
Lohagara, Chittagong.